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24.1.2013 | Filed under: Highway

Leafield Environmental, the Wiltshire based street furniture manufacturer has produced a new six page, full colour bollard selector that details its complete range of highway bollards in a simple brief format.

All Leafield bollards are rotationally moulded from a durable thermoplastic polymer in a wide range of colours. They are reported to withstand extremes of temperature and never chip, rust or require painting. Compared to traditional metal bollards they are up to 20 times lighter and consequently easier to transport and handle.

Leafield highway bollards are available with a variety of fixing types including permanent, anti-ram, bayonet socket and surface mount. Many are available in a “reflex” bounce back option whereby they are able to bend through 90% during a collision and yet return to shape and position quickly afterwards.

On the other hand, when a conventional cast iron bollard is struck, it tears up the pavement surface, becoming a pedestrian hazard, as well as causing significant damage to the vehicle.

Also featured in the brochure are eco-bollards, a range of environmentally friendly bollards made using a combination of 50% chipped plastic bottles and 50% regular polymer.

For a free copy of the brochure contact  Annabel our Highways Customer Services representative on 01225 816522

leafield Highways Bollard brouchure

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