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Footbath Survives 81,000 Tramplings LEAFIELD Agricultural - 26.2.2013

Paxton Footbath Turns Out to be Good Investment

A rotationally moulded plastic footbath from Paxton is reported to have been in regular use at Oak Farm in Cheshire for over 10 years during which time it has been trampled by the dairy herd three times a week in the winter months and twice a month during summer. With a herd of over 90 cows, this equates to more than 81,000 “tramplings” yet the Paxton FB4 footbath is virtually as good as new according to farmer Philip Brocklehurst.

A dairy cow produces at its optimum if she is healthy and feels comfortable. Proper preventive foot care is necessary in order to keep the cows feet in good health and a Paxton Footbath can play a vital role in preventing such diseases as interdigital dermatitis. The Paxton footbath is resistant to the commonly used formalin as well as the antibiotics and other commonly used chemical treatments that may become necessary from time to time.

“Our Paxton Footbath is light to handle, easy to clean and most importantly it is very durable.” said Philip. “It has been stamped on repeatedly, winter and summer, for over ten years and still shows little sign of wear. I would call that a good investment”

The 309 litre capacity, Paxton FB4 Footbath is 3 metres long and has an anti-slip base and safe large radius corners with smooth edges.

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Stable Drinkers Installation to Achieve Six Months Payback LEAFIELD Agricultural - 24.1.2013

Mote End Farm, a high standard livery stable located at Mill Hill, North London, has installed some forty Paxton AT25 automatic drinkers as part of the quest for continuous improvement.

Lime green and boat blue drinkers were selected from the wide available colour range so that grooms can easily identify when a drinker needs cleaning and sanitising. This is made easy by the large drain on the bottom and the easy access to the ballcock.

Grooms are pleased not to have to carry the water and the yard is tidier without the presence of snaking hoses or large troughs. Facilities Manager Adam Prescott also believes the yard will be much safer on frosty mornings without patches of ice where water has been spilt.

“The Paxton AT25 suited our needs due to its robustness, ease of installation and maintenance and the volume of water held within that enables horses to take a long drink without running out of water,” said Adam. “Since installing the drinkers we have noticed a significant saving in our water bills. We estimate that the drinkers will have paid for themselves within 6 months, including the pipe work and installation costs.”

The installation of the Paxton drinkers coincided with the yard being awarded a Highly Commended rating in all areas for a second consecutive year, by the British Horse Society.

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Soaking Hay Just Got Easier LEAFIELD Agricultural - 10.10.2012

Pull the Plug on Winter Blues with the Paxton Equine Soak-a-Way.

Soaking hay is a proactive approach, claimed to reduce the risk of numerous equine ailments. Paxton Equine has introduced a new Hay Soaker with integrated draining to make this laborious and wet task a little easier.

Cut grass, when dried, has a water content of less than 10% and this increases its sugar, potassium, acidity, and contaminant content. Soaking dry feed with water has been shown to remove sugar and contaminants, for the overall health of the horse. Mould, spores and other allergenic particulate matter can sensitise a horse, causing coughing which can develop into Recurrent Airway Obstruction (heaves).

Soaking hay is reported to be of great help in avoiding such problems and the Paxton Soak-a-Way makes soaking hay a less arduous chore.
Manufactured throughout in heavy-duty, UV stabilised, frost resistant, food grade polyethylene, the Paxton Soak-a-Way Hay Soaker will not rust or corrode, giving many years of useful duty. It is moulded with a strong double skin for enhanced durability and better heat retention. It comes with a substantial lid, has a smooth, easy clean surface and has ‘horse friendly’ rounded corners for safe use.

The 38mm drain in the bottom has with a plug and fixed chain that makes emptying the Hay Soaker an easy proposition. With capacity to take half a bale or the equivalent loose or netted material, the Paxton Soak-a-Way Hay Soaker could keep you drier and make your stable work more pleasurable this winter.

Buy the Paxton Haysoaker online here

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AT25 Stable drinker toughs it out LEAFIELD Agricultural - 31.7.2012

“The AT25 drinker was very straight forward to fit, a good size and very robust considering my horse has a habit of sitting on stable fixtures. I have had it for over a year and it looks as good now as the day it was fitted. The screw cap on the bottom is really handy to enable me to clean and drain it properly”.

“I have now been back to Royal Cornwall show this year and bought another one. I am currently building a new stable block and I intend to install them all with this drinker. I think the quality of the drinker is very good value for money.”

“I have large horses that tend to drink a lot particularly after competition. I used to put two buckets of water in for them at night and keep my fingers crossed they didn’t run out until the morning or worse; tip them up. The days of me carrying buckets has gone; no more soggy jodphurs from overfilled buckets!”

Teresa Lang, purchased an AT25 6.8 litre stable drinker at the Royal Cornwall Show in 2011.

AT25 stable drinkers can now be purchased online at Paxtons online web shop, click here to visit the shop (Free delivery on all products!)

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New Online Paxton Shop LEAFIELD Agricultural - 24.7.2012

Buy Paxton products online at any time. Paxton Agricultural now have an online shop so you can purchase your dairy, equine or small holder equipment online at a time to suit you.

visit the Paxton online shop by clicking here

FREE Delivery on ALL orders!

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Footbath Doubles as Portable Pond LEAFIELD Agricultural - 25.6.2012

As with the majority of smallholders who keep ducks, Karen Keepence of Braintree was keen to rotate the birds in order to manage the pasture and avoid overgrazing. For this reason, constructing a permanent pond was inappropriate and expensive.

After months of searching to no avail, Karen called Smallholder magazine to seek advice and was referred to a small farm, which had been featured in an editorial. Contact with the farmer quickly ascertained that the portable bath was in fact a plastic footbath; more commonly used in the dairy industry.

Karen ‘googled’ footbath and was delighted to find that Paxton Agricultural supplied an extensive range, one of which she thought would be ideal for the purpose. The Paxton FB3 footbath selected measures 3 metres by over a metre and holds over 500 litres of water.

“The footbath is easy to clean and simple to move around to new pasture,” said Karen, “and it’s a huge hit with the ducks, which is probably more important!”

“We never envisaged such a use for our footbaths said Emily Cunningham of Paxton Agricultural but we’re pleased to have another happy customer with a happy badling of ducks.

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