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Leafield making the most of the rainy days LEAFIELD Agricultural - 30.4.2012

Rainwater harvesting saves money and water. Leafield can now advise from experience as their own Rainwater harvesting scheme is fully functional and saving 3 tonnes of water a day.

During the accreditation process for BSI ISO 14001:2004, the decision was made to install a rainwater harvesting system for toilet flushing and machine cooling in their manufacturing plant. The roof area of the Leafield premises and expected annual rainfall for the South West made the Rainwater Harvesting project a feasible scheme.

The system comprises 3 x 10,000 litre CT2200 JA water tanks, a large filter to remove the debris and a pressure sensitive pump that starts as soon as a demand is felt.

Jon Finch, Engineering Manager at Leafield who is managing the scheme said “the collected rainwater supplies all the toilets within the building and also the machine cooling systems. Using harvested water for machine cooling has an added benefit to us in Corsham as it will reduce the amount of limescale build-up. Each working day we expect to save up to 3 cubic metres of mains water – equivalent to a mass of 3 tonnes”.

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Caravanners Recycle with Leafield Environmental LEAFIELD Recycle - 30.4.2012

Touring caravanners visiting the Two Mills Touring Park in North Norfolk can now recycle using a row of Envirobanks from Leafield Environmental. These durable recycling bins not only help keep the park tidy but can also help save money on waste disposal.

Ray and Barbara Barnes, proprietors of the site, which has won a David Bellamy award for conservation and is AA campsite of the year winner for the Heart of England, recognise that recycling is a sustainability requirement that has to be addressed but can also have economic benefits.

“We’re really pleased with our new Envirobanks,” said Ray. “They are robust and good looking and our customers are using them as we intended by segregating their own waste. We now expect to make long term savings on our waste collectionsfor recyclable waste streams”.

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New Bermuda Quad Recycling Bin Oozes Style LEAFIELD Misc - 30.4.2012

FinBin® Bermuda from Leafield Environmental is a range of top quality, internal recycling bins designed especially for terminals, retail facilities and hotels.

The Bermuda Range comprises a Single, 80 litre bin; a Double, 2 x 110 litre receptacles; a Triple, 3 x 100 litre compartments and a new Quad with four 100 litre receptacles. The individual receptacle lids can be WRAP colour compliant and can also indicate the type of waste stream with WRAP compliant graphics.

Finbins Bermuda bins are manufactured to the highest quality in stainless steel or galvanised steel, powder coated to blend with any décor scheme and help to segregate multiple waste streams into the different compartments of the bin.

FinBin Bermuda bins have pivoted bag frames and locking hinged lids. They also have a special lid construction, the shape of which smothers flames by curtailing supply of oxygen. The new Quad version has front opening doors to reduce manual lifting and can sport an optional poster frame for advertising and commercial sponsorship.

Where waste collection is a necessity yet style and quality are paramount, the FinBin Bermuda is a serious contender.

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Leafield Lead by Example LEAFIELD Recycle - 30.4.2012

Leafield are making changes towards a zero waste goal.

In just two months, the manufacturing plant at Leafield Environmental has reduced the frequency of collection of the general waste and cardboard waste skips, resulting in a significant financial saving.

General waste has changed from weekly collection to fortnightly
Cardboard collection has changed from fortnightly to monthly

This has been achieved by….

  • Placing Envirocups and Split Envirobins (plastic/metal) by all machines in the factory to encourage the operators to recycle these items
  • Creating a designated area for broken pallets
  • Breaking down cardboard boxes; as the fresh air in them takes up a lot of space in the skip!

As a company that encourages and advises other companies on recycling and zero waste, we are leading by example.

For more information or advise on recycling in your organisation, contact us online, on en[email protected] or on 01225 816500

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Paxton automatic drinkers @ Mossland Farm LEAFIELD Agricultural - 26.3.2012

Paxton products are being name-checked on the Mosslands Farm livery yard website!

The Paxton Automatic Stable Drinkers are one of the selling points of this equine yard. Go to the Paxton website to check out the Paxton stable drinkers.

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Smart e-bin winners announced LEAFIELD Recycle - 26.3.2012

Congratulations to the winners of the “Win a Smart E-Bin Competition” at The Education Show. Sharon Sutton @ Hallam Fields Junior School, Polly Walters @ The Royal Wolverhampton Junior School & Sidney Swann @ the London Nautical School.

The Consort smart e-bins will be on their way to the lucky winners shortly!

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