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Top 10 tips for recycling at college and university LEAFIELD Misc - 14.8.2014

Top 10 hints and tips for recycling success:

1. Use recycled materials in art, texture and science classes to encourage creativity.
2. Explore recycling processes in science classes to build environmental awareness.
3. Remind students during assemblies or briefings of what can and cannot be included in the recycle bins.
4. Introduce a rota for students to check recycling bins are being used properly.
5. Form an Eco-Team to organise special recycling events and themed projects to create exhibitions and displays for open days, presentations or community projects.
6. Introduce the collection of other materials like batteries, mobile phones or ink cartridges to raise funds for charity.
7. Design some Did You Know posters with recycling facts and figures and place in key areas.
8. Measure the improvements in recycling rates and report these in a newsletter.
9. Set recycling targets to incentivise students to do more.
10. Use the money saved on landfill costs to fund new recycling bins or environmental awareness field trips.

Here are some useful links to free posters and recycling resources

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Helping hand boosts student recycling rates LEAFIELD Misc - 14.8.2014

Leafield Environmental is offering universities the chance to sign up for a FREE marketing support pack to help to engage students to recycle more. Developed to help sustainability officers and eco-groups to communicate key messages about recycling, the pack contains free posters, a fun interactive student quiz, a press release and some top tips for raising awareness about recycling and sustainability.

Only 55% of students are committed recyclers compared to 75% of the rest of the UK population and almost 10% don’t recycle at all – half of these are first year students*. Fresher’s Week is the perfect time to grab their attention and embed a culture of responsible recycling.

A student recycling and waste survey conducted last year revealed that 50%* of students do not recall receiving information about recycling, which suggests there is a big opportunity to improve communication this year.

Most students will already have some interest in green issues and will be looking for unusual and worthwhile activities to fill the hours between classes, so why not develop some quirky posters to attract new members to join your environmental group.

Facts and figures adapted to relate to student living are a powerful way of making an impact on their behaviour as well as making sure recycling points have clear signs so students know exactly what goes where.
We have created some ‘Did you Know’ slogans for posters to be used around campus and in the student union. The free posters and some clever stickers for recycling points are included in the free pack.

Leafield research identified different types of recycling behaviour and found that most students fall into just six main categories: Hungry Hoarder; Fancy Foodie; Charity Chic; Eco-warrier; Homemaker or Recycling Retentive.
Students can discover their recycling personality by completing a quiz which they can share with friends.

Leafield Environmental MD, Phil Maddox, said “Most students already recycle at home so when they come to university Fresher’s Week is the ideal time to reinforce the message.”

“We developed these fictitious characters and the support pack to engage students and help universities to get the recycling message across in a fun and interactive way.”

“These entertaining, larger-than-life, personalities were created to reflect the diverse mix of people on campus, and in student accommodation.”

*Source: SITA and NUS survey Lifting the Lid: student attitudes and behaviours towards recycling and waste 2013

To sign up for a FREE marketing support pack email [email protected]

For more information call: 01225 816539

• Leafield began manufacturing in 1995 and is an active member of the EAUC – Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges.
• Leafield has custom-built recycling bins for several universities including Bath Spa, Greenwich, Loughborough and Coventry. Designs include the Meridian dual and triple waste unit which can be adapted to fit into a diverse range of buildings and settings by adjusting the lids and waste streams to suit the location.

NEW Meridian Envirobin with triple lid

NEW Meridian Envirobin with triple lid

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Manufacturing firmly on the school agenda LEAFIELD Misc - 4.12.2013

A group of sixth form ‘product design’ students from Bradford-on-Avon enjoyed an interactive factory tour at Leafield.

Fourteen Year 12 students from St Laurence School, learned about the product life cycle of a recycling bin from concept and design stages through to manufacture and dispatch. The group went on to observe the set up and operation of machinery through each stage of the production process demonstrated by Leafield’s skilled engineers.

Students showed a keen interest in sustainable manufacturing and were impressed with the Smart E-bin which is made from 100% recycled plastic.

Leafield has a close relationship with local schools and has introduced ‘factory days’ to encourage the workforce of the future to pursue careers in the UK manufacturing industry. The visits provide an opportunity for students to experience the manufacturing process and provides context for students planning to work in the product design and manufacturing industries.


Product design students from St Laurence School ‘touch and feel’ the plastic chippings used to make Leafield’s 100% recycled Smart E-bin.


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New Anti-microbial recycling bin makes light work of food waste LEAFIELD Misc - 25.11.2013

Food waste came out top as the main priority for nearly 50% of businesses in a recent Leafield survey. In response we have worked with our customers to design an anti-microbial recycling bin perfect for food waste disposal.
The Anti-microbial Envirobin has a foot pedal ‘hands free’ operation which means less mess and easier food waste disposal. The built in anti-microbial additive provides a barrier against the growth of bacteria. The unit even has wheels to make it easy to move around and to roll up to central collection points. Read more on our website

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Recycling citizens of tomorrow LEAFIELD Misc - 29.4.2013

We have awarded three young recycling citizens at Stone with Woodford School with Smiley Face Novelty Bins featuring their winning recycling designs.

The recycling competition formed part of a wider recycling scheme at Stone with Woodford School. Different age groups took part in the competition to design a poster on recycling during their lessons. The winners Robyn, Daisy and Eve received a large Smiley Face Bin for their classroom and a mini Smiley Face Bin for them to take home. The winners were picked by a selection of Leafield Environmental employees.

David Bray, Design Manager at Leafield Environmental picked the winning designs and said: “We have really enjoyed working with Stone with Woodford School to encourage and educate their pupils about recycling. We designed and manufactured our Novelty Bins in-house using feedback from children and teachers at Stone with Woodford School, so we were pleased to give their pupils a chance to put their designs on one of them.”

Miss Berry, Reception Teacher & Environmental Leader and Mrs Jones, Art Teacher at Stone with Woodford School discusses how this competition formed part of a wider recycling scheme and said: “Our pupils already recycle paper in their classrooms and compost food waste for our school garden, so the children are already aware of the need of recycling through the work we do, but this competition reinforced the theme of recycling. The children were very excited at the idea of a competition and seeing the winning designs on a real bin. We feel this competition has refreshed the children’s awareness of the need for recycling and having a bin to hand in the classroom will reinforce the recycling message and make it easier for the children to remember to do it. Children are the citizens of tomorrow and need to learn about not wasting products.”

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Recycle up to 24,000 cups a year* LEAFIELD Misc - 4.3.2013

Leafield Environmental, the leading designer and manufacturer of recycling bins, has launched a new economy M-T Cup Bin as part of their Envirobin range – holding 500 cups and 7.5 litres of liquid at any one time.

Philip Maddox, Managing Director at Leafield Environmental discusses why they have launched the economy M-T Cup Bin and said: “As a business, we continue to develop our product range for quality and price by listening to our customers and understanding the market place. The new M-T Cup Bin compliments our existing 100 litre Envirocup Bin, offering businesses a smaller unit at a more affordable price without losing its quality.”

Main features:
• Six apertures for collecting cups
• 500 cups can be collected in a single bin
• A central removable liquid aperture with a 7.5 litre capacity
• Long life, durable MDPE construction
• Easy to operate and clean
• The lid is WRAP compliant colour coded to indicate plastic or paper cups (red for plastic and blue for paper)

The liquids reservoir is removed easily for emptying and cleaning and the bin tubes are simply emptied by inverting the bin over an appropriate plastic bin bag. The individual tubes are purposely designed to open out into a common space at the base of the bin in order to make cleaning and rinsing the bin an easy operation.

The product is priced at £75.00 excluding VAT.
For further information, please visit [email protected] or call 01225 816541

*24,000 cups a year is based on holding up to 500 cups a week

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