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Footbath Survives 81,000 Tramplings LEAFIELD Agricultural - 26.2.2013

Paxton Footbath Turns Out to be Good Investment

A rotationally moulded plastic footbath from Paxton is reported to have been in regular use at Oak Farm in Cheshire for over 10 years during which time it has been trampled by the dairy herd three times a week in the winter months and twice a month during summer. With a herd of over 90 cows, this equates to more than 81,000 “tramplings” yet the Paxton FB4 footbath is virtually as good as new according to farmer Philip Brocklehurst.

A dairy cow produces at its optimum if she is healthy and feels comfortable. Proper preventive foot care is necessary in order to keep the cows feet in good health and a Paxton Footbath can play a vital role in preventing such diseases as interdigital dermatitis. The Paxton footbath is resistant to the commonly used formalin as well as the antibiotics and other commonly used chemical treatments that may become necessary from time to time.

“Our Paxton Footbath is light to handle, easy to clean and most importantly it is very durable.” said Philip. “It has been stamped on repeatedly, winter and summer, for over ten years and still shows little sign of wear. I would call that a good investment”

The 309 litre capacity, Paxton FB4 Footbath is 3 metres long and has an anti-slip base and safe large radius corners with smooth edges.

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Stable Drinkers Installation to Achieve Six Months Payback LEAFIELD Agricultural - 24.1.2013

Mote End Farm, a high standard livery stable located at Mill Hill, North London, has installed some forty Paxton AT25 automatic drinkers as part of the quest for continuous improvement.

Lime green and boat blue drinkers were selected from the wide available colour range so that grooms can easily identify when a drinker needs cleaning and sanitising. This is made easy by the large drain on the bottom and the easy access to the ballcock.

Grooms are pleased not to have to carry the water and the yard is tidier without the presence of snaking hoses or large troughs. Facilities Manager Adam Prescott also believes the yard will be much safer on frosty mornings without patches of ice where water has been spilt.

“The Paxton AT25 suited our needs due to its robustness, ease of installation and maintenance and the volume of water held within that enables horses to take a long drink without running out of water,” said Adam. “Since installing the drinkers we have noticed a significant saving in our water bills. We estimate that the drinkers will have paid for themselves within 6 months, including the pipe work and installation costs.”

The installation of the Paxton drinkers coincided with the yard being awarded a Highly Commended rating in all areas for a second consecutive year, by the British Horse Society.

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Bollards Explained in Print LEAFIELD Highway - 24.1.2013

Leafield Environmental, the Wiltshire based street furniture manufacturer has produced a new six page, full colour bollard selector that details its complete range of highway bollards in a simple brief format.

All Leafield bollards are rotationally moulded from a durable thermoplastic polymer in a wide range of colours. They are reported to withstand extremes of temperature and never chip, rust or require painting. Compared to traditional metal bollards they are up to 20 times lighter and consequently easier to transport and handle.

Leafield highway bollards are available with a variety of fixing types including permanent, anti-ram, bayonet socket and surface mount. Many are available in a “reflex” bounce back option whereby they are able to bend through 90% during a collision and yet return to shape and position quickly afterwards.

On the other hand, when a conventional cast iron bollard is struck, it tears up the pavement surface, becoming a pedestrian hazard, as well as causing significant damage to the vehicle.

Also featured in the brochure are eco-bollards, a range of environmentally friendly bollards made using a combination of 50% chipped plastic bottles and 50% regular polymer.

For a free copy of the brochure contact  Annabel our Highways Customer Services representative on 01225 816522

leafield Highways Bollard brouchure

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All smiles at Cupcakes n Dinosaurs LEAFIELD Misc - 3.12.2012

New recycling bins are putting a smile on everyones faces at the Cupcakes ‘n’ Dinosaurs Nursery in Monmouthshire. The private day care nursery has recently purchased two Smiley Face novelty recycling bins from Leafield Environmental to recycle card/paper and bottles to encourage their young charges to recycle.

The Smiley Face recycling bins are a new addition to the recycling bin range at Leafield and although they were designed to specifically appeal to children, they have been very popular in a wide variety of business types.

Hayley Jennings, manager of Cupcakes ‘n’ Dinosaurs Nursery chose the Smiley Face bins in the smallest size as the height of 50cm was ideal for the children. Hayley also selected to have the bins made in bright pink and lime green “I was impressed that Leafield could offer us a choice of colours as we wanted to match them to our logo.”

“They are a fun addition to our nursery and the children are certainly very keen on recycling now, the bins often make ‘tidy up time’ the most fun part of our activities!”

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Success at Seeing is Believing LEAFIELD Highway - 27.11.2012

Leafield Environmental had a very successful show at this years Seeing is Believing event last week. This show specifically for the highways industry is unique as it is the only show to feature an external space where exhibitors can demonstrate their products in a simulated highways environment.

The Leafield Highways products on display included the Illuminated Night Owl, standard Night Owl Keep Left Bollard, Linsign sign bollard range, Manchester Bollard, Sentry Junction Bollard and Heritage Bollards to name a few.

For more images of our internal and external displays, please visit our Flickr page by clicking here.

For more details about our products, please visit our website at

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UEL ‘Bin the Bin’ LEAFIELD Recycle - 21.11.2012

Well done University of East London on your successful trials of the ‘Bin the Bin’ campaigns.

‘Bin the Bin’ is now being actively promoted and launched in offices all across University of East London with the help of Envirobins from Leafield Environmental.

What is Bin the Bin?

Bin the Bin is a campaign to increase office recycling and reduce landfill. Read the full ‘Bin the Bin’ story from The University of East London by clicking here

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