Recycle up to 24,000 cups a year*

4.3.2013 | Filed under: Misc

Leafield Environmental, the leading designer and manufacturer of recycling bins, has launched a new economy M-T Cup Bin as part of their Envirobin range – holding 500 cups and 7.5 litres of liquid at any one time.

Philip Maddox, Managing Director at Leafield Environmental discusses why they have launched the economy M-T Cup Bin and said: “As a business, we continue to develop our product range for quality and price by listening to our customers and understanding the market place. The new M-T Cup Bin compliments our existing 100 litre Envirocup Bin, offering businesses a smaller unit at a more affordable price without losing its quality.”

Main features:
• Six apertures for collecting cups
• 500 cups can be collected in a single bin
• A central removable liquid aperture with a 7.5 litre capacity
• Long life, durable MDPE construction
• Easy to operate and clean
• The lid is WRAP compliant colour coded to indicate plastic or paper cups (red for plastic and blue for paper)

The liquids reservoir is removed easily for emptying and cleaning and the bin tubes are simply emptied by inverting the bin over an appropriate plastic bin bag. The individual tubes are purposely designed to open out into a common space at the base of the bin in order to make cleaning and rinsing the bin an easy operation.

The product is priced at £75.00 excluding VAT.
For further information, please visit [email protected] or call 01225 816541

*24,000 cups a year is based on holding up to 500 cups a week

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