Stable Drinkers Installation to Achieve Six Months Payback

24.1.2013 | Filed under: Agricultural

Mote End Farm, a high standard livery stable located at Mill Hill, North London, has installed some forty Paxton AT25 automatic drinkers as part of the quest for continuous improvement.

Lime green and boat blue drinkers were selected from the wide available colour range so that grooms can easily identify when a drinker needs cleaning and sanitising. This is made easy by the large drain on the bottom and the easy access to the ballcock.

Grooms are pleased not to have to carry the water and the yard is tidier without the presence of snaking hoses or large troughs. Facilities Manager Adam Prescott also believes the yard will be much safer on frosty mornings without patches of ice where water has been spilt.

“The Paxton AT25 suited our needs due to its robustness, ease of installation and maintenance and the volume of water held within that enables horses to take a long drink without running out of water,” said Adam. “Since installing the drinkers we have noticed a significant saving in our water bills. We estimate that the drinkers will have paid for themselves within 6 months, including the pipe work and installation costs.”

The installation of the Paxton drinkers coincided with the yard being awarded a Highly Commended rating in all areas for a second consecutive year, by the British Horse Society.

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