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Soaking Hay Just Got Easier LEAFIELD Agricultural - 10.10.2012

Pull the Plug on Winter Blues with the Paxton Equine Soak-a-Way.

Soaking hay is a proactive approach, claimed to reduce the risk of numerous equine ailments. Paxton Equine has introduced a new Hay Soaker with integrated draining to make this laborious and wet task a little easier.

Cut grass, when dried, has a water content of less than 10% and this increases its sugar, potassium, acidity, and contaminant content. Soaking dry feed with water has been shown to remove sugar and contaminants, for the overall health of the horse. Mould, spores and other allergenic particulate matter can sensitise a horse, causing coughing which can develop into Recurrent Airway Obstruction (heaves).

Soaking hay is reported to be of great help in avoiding such problems and the Paxton Soak-a-Way makes soaking hay a less arduous chore.
Manufactured throughout in heavy-duty, UV stabilised, frost resistant, food grade polyethylene, the Paxton Soak-a-Way Hay Soaker will not rust or corrode, giving many years of useful duty. It is moulded with a strong double skin for enhanced durability and better heat retention. It comes with a substantial lid, has a smooth, easy clean surface and has ‘horse friendly’ rounded corners for safe use.

The 38mm drain in the bottom has with a plug and fixed chain that makes emptying the Hay Soaker an easy proposition. With capacity to take half a bale or the equivalent loose or netted material, the Paxton Soak-a-Way Hay Soaker could keep you drier and make your stable work more pleasurable this winter.

Buy the Paxton Haysoaker online here

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