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Leafield is raring to go at Seeing is Believing 2012 LEAFIELD Highway - 19.11.2012

Leafield Environmental is set up and fully prepared for the Seeing is Believing show which starts tomorrow on 20th November.

‘Seeing is Believing’ is a three day show which takes place at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground in Leicestershire. The proving ground is necessary as this unique show has a unique feature; half the show takes place on the external track where products can be fully demonstrated and seen in a real-life road situation.

Leafield will be demonstrating their wide range of bollards on track space 7, of particular interest are the new Night Owl bollards which are being tested with a drive-over at 1.30pm each show day.

Also on display will be Sentry Junction Bollards, Leafield Manchester Bollards, Heritage Visibol bollards for high visibility, Linsign 150 cycle way sign bollards and the new illuminated and standard Night Owl Bollards to name a few.

Watch this space for photos of the external stand showing all bollards in a highway situation.

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Night Owl Toughest Bollard in Britain LEAFIELD Highway - 12.11.2012

A Night Owl, retroreflective, self-righting bollard from Leafield Environmental is vying for the title “Toughest Bollard in Britain”.

The Night Owl bollard from Leafield, situated at a former accident black spot near Birtley, has been nudged, whacked or run over virtually every day for over 12 months and is still standing and performing its duty!

The ‘T’ junction was notorious for collisions as vehicles ‘cut the corner’ despite the give way warning signs and road markings. In an attempt to prevent this, the Council constructed an island complete with two Night Owl keep-left, bounce-back bollards resulting in a dramatic reduction in collisions.

However, the corner remains ‘tight’ and although drivers are now approaching it with more care, many larger vehicles still cut the corner although not to the same extent as previous and the Night Owl bollard nearest to the junction is the victim.

“The scheme has been a great success in reducing collisions,” said Ian McCran of Gateshead Council, “it has proven to us the inherent, outstanding durability of Leafield’s Night Owl sign bollard; so much so that it is now Gateshead’s current preferred choice for keep left self-righting bollards.”

Night Owl bollard nudged, whacked and run over every day for 12 months and still functioning, upright, intact and looking good!

So impressed have the Council been with the performance of the Night Owl that they are about to trial the recently introduced Illuminated Night Owl which is base lit with a high performance LED and is reported to be so energy efficient that it costs less than £4 per annum to operate.

Click here to read this story in full

Visit our website to find out more about the super tough Night Owl keep left bollard and NEW Illuminated Night Owl bollard

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Leafield Environmental at Seeing is Believing LEAFIELD Highway - 10.10.2012

Leafield Environmental will be exhibiting its range of Highway and decorative bollards and signs at Seeing is Believing 2012.

Visitors to stand 69 will see several new bollards exhibited in the UK for the first time, including the new Manchester bollard, reminiscent of the cast iron bollards used for centuries but offering the benefits of modern day manufacturing materials.

Also on display for the first time will be the Sentry Junction bollard developed specifically to mark the precise position of poorly lit rural junctions.

Of special interest will be the recently launched Illuminated Night Owl keep left bollard… a retroreflective, self righting, sign bollard powered by Zeta, that is designed to be highly visible but cause minimal damage to the vehicle or the bollard itself should a collision occur… so reducing bollard replacement costs.

A further ‘first time’ exhibit will be the Linsign 150, an exciting new range of sign bollards that is said to be the perfect solution for designating cycle ways or parking slots, vehicle/pedestrian demarcation or controlling site access.

Out on track area 7, visitors will see both illuminated and non-illuminated Night Owl bollards in action, along with the highly visible Sentry Junction bollard and Heritage Visibol bollards with their highly reflective banding, all in a street scene display.

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