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Envirobins are “Part of the Furniture” LEAFIELD Recycle - 13.11.2012

As a part of the University of Derby’s £6m transformation of its Britannia Mill site, a new recycling scheme has been initiated, incorporating Leafield Environmental’s new Meridian Envirobin, complemented with desk-top recyclers.

The University formerly tried to segregate recyclables at source but is steadily moving to a two stream, mixed recyclables/general waste arrangement. Being designed to collect two waste streams within a single compact unit, the Meridian Envirobin is reported to have been the ideal choice.

With a large 110 litre capacity, the Meridian Envirobin has a unique facility of being able to capture multiple waste streams in a single bin by having WRAP colour compliant, split lids, accompanied by explanatory graphics.

“We liked the look of the bins immediately and they compliment our dual waste-stream process perfectly,” said Lynn Richards, the University’s Environmental Manager. “ The styling is very contemporary and fits in well as part of the furniture.”

Expecting some resistance to the change, Lynne was pleased to find that the opposite was the case with everyone recognising the importance the University places on driving up recycling rates.
“Moreover I’ve had jealous calls from other sites across the University campus asking when they can expect their new bins!” continued Lynne.

When is a bin not a bin? When it becomes part of the furniture!

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Recycling recycling bins, a green approach LEAFIELD Recycle - 31.7.2012

A leading London Borough, with a population of 235,000, had been using some 78 TwinBins that they purchased from Leafield Environmental approximately four years ago.

The bins were beginning to look very well-used and a little tired so the Borough approached Leafield, who suggested a make-over as the quality of the bins was still excellent but the accessories such as labels and inserts were no longer fully functional or suitable for purpose.

The superior quality of the award-winning TwinBin meant that Leafield was able to simply refurbish the bins with new inserts and labels. This green alternative to replacing the 78 dual capacity bins is estimated to have saved the Borough 80% on bin replacement costs.

In addition to the TwinBins, the Borough also possessed 85 out-dated and non-WRAP compliant Envirobanks. It was agreed that under its new bin recycling scheme, Leafield Environmental would remove and recycle the obsolete Envirobanks in their Wiltshire manufacturing plant and replace with 115 new 240L Envirobanks for mixed recycling.

The 85 old Envirobanks were stripped of their components and the plastic was chipped, ready to be re-formed into new bins.

Phil Maddox, General Manager at Leafield Environmental commented “I am really pleased with the approach that we were able to take on this project, refurbishing the TwinBins, and removing and recycling the old Envirobanks was a great sustainable solution as the alternative would have been sending them to landfill”.

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