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Blackpool & Fylde College Retreat reduce, reuse and recycle! LEAFIELD Recycle - 23.10.2012

Blackpool & Fylde College recently refurbished the popular Le Café for students and staff with the most modern equipment including the new Meridian Envirobin for recycling.

Pamela Reynolds, Sustainability Officer at the college said “I chose the Meridian after a meeting with our Leafield representative. The bin was smart, fitted with our colour scheme and was available in a recycled plastic”

“We are really pleased with the Meridian bin and how it fits into our new eating establishment which has now been renamed the ‘Retreat’. We are finding that lecturers and students are enjoying the new facility and our recycling results have improved dramatically”

“Already we have achieved a 6% recycling rate increase, our target is to increase recycling by 10% by 2014 so we are on course to not only achieve our goal but surpass it!”

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