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All smiles at Cupcakes n Dinosaurs LEAFIELD Misc - 3.12.2012

New recycling bins are putting a smile on everyones faces at the Cupcakes ‘n’ Dinosaurs Nursery in Monmouthshire. The private day care nursery has recently purchased two Smiley Face novelty recycling bins from Leafield Environmental to recycle card/paper and bottles to encourage their young charges to recycle.

The Smiley Face recycling bins are a new addition to the recycling bin range at Leafield and although they were designed to specifically appeal to children, they have been very popular in a wide variety of business types.

Hayley Jennings, manager of Cupcakes ‘n’ Dinosaurs Nursery chose the Smiley Face bins in the smallest size as the height of 50cm was ideal for the children. Hayley also selected to have the bins made in bright pink and lime green “I was impressed that Leafield could offer us a choice of colours as we wanted to match them to our logo.”

“They are a fun addition to our nursery and the children are certainly very keen on recycling now, the bins often make ‘tidy up time’ the most fun part of our activities!”

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Recycling… Keele University starts them young LEAFIELD Recycle - 19.11.2012

Recycling… Keele University starts ’em young!

Keele University has recently opened a new £2.9m day nursery school on campus and has installed novelty ‘smiley face’ recycling bins from Leafield Environmental in order to promote and teach recycling practices to children from an early age.

The novelty ‘smiley face’ recycling bins come in three sizes; 41, 52 and 62 litres respectively. Manufactured from durable polyethylene with smooth, hygienic wipe free surfaces, they have WRAP colour compliant, interchangeable recycling lids and clear visual, colour coordinated graphics that encourage recycling with a smile.

The day nursery is also used as a teaching establishment for nursery nurse students, nursing and midwifery students and work experience students from local schools and all are expected to embrace the recycling initiative.

Along with the building design, sedum roofs and photovoltaic panels, the novelty ‘smiley face’ recycling bins play a part in the building’s green BREEAM rating, a measure of its environmental performance.

“At Keele University we aim to be one of the most Sustainable Universities in the UK,” said Huw Evans, Keele University’s Environmental Manager. “We have increased our recycling rate to 44% over the last two years and hope to reach a 60% recycling rate by 2014. The ‘smiley face’ recycling bins at the nursery are ideal for children to use, and we also hope that they will have a positive impact on the children’s behaviour towards recycling.”

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Leafield success at RWM LEAFIELD Recycle - 18.9.2012

Leafield are recently returned from the RWM show and are pleased to say that judging from the flood of visitors to their stand, it seemed busier than ever. The stand got more than its fair share of compliments and the new Meridian Envirobins were really well received, especially the Triple lid for the Meridian which was the first outing for this unique recycling bin.

The Meridian recycling bin was designed in conjunction with the University of Greenwich to produce the ultimate recycling bin. The stylish Meridian is designed for the sustainable journey; the 110 litre bin is available with interchangeable lids which enable a company to change the waste streams as the recycling project progresses with a view to the achieving the ultimate goal of ‘Zero Waste’. The Triple lid adds another level of versatility to collect three waste streams in one compact unit. The inclusive signage and WRAP labelling ensures minimal cross-contamination.

The Smart-e range of bins were also very popular with exhibition visitors, the bold, bright colours were eye catching and the Smart-e process in which 90% recycled material is used to make the bins can be applied to almost any Leafield product, thus emphasising the recycled nature of the bin for any environment. The Smiley Face Smart-e bin in particular was eliciting lots of smiles and attention from exhibition goers!

As well as launching the Meridian Triple and Smart-e bins at the RWM show, Leafield exhibited their wide selection of premium recycling and litter products for indoor and outdoor use. Award winning favourites such as the 170 litre TwinBin and 140 litre Envirobank, and the classic Heritage litter bin gained as much as attention as the new products.

Finally, Leafield would like to say thank you to those that took the time to visit their stand.

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